Yanns Book Quest - Map

Map of Yanns Book Quest

Yann in Vastares - Pine Quarter has left his wife's recipe book in Madam Rozalia's House of Fleshy Delights. Are you brave enough to retrieve it for him?


Finding the bookEdit

Yanns Book Quest - Mdme Roz Map

A map of the location of Thiery

  • This is not difficult quest, in fact it requires just some walking. Go to Madame Rozalia's House of Fleshy Delights.
  • The go into the second room to the left after entering Madam Rozalia's Househowever
  • Talk to Thiery, about "Tell me about yourself" and then "I'm looking for Sohea's receipe book".
  • She will give you the book and she will ask to deliver some rum to Madam Rozalia.

Optional and not recommendedEdit

  • DO NOT do this part, the rum you are meant to deliver is poisoned and Madam Rozalia will think it's your (player) fault
  • She will call guards which will want 1000 Gold from you to clear the crime...not worth of work and Quest can still be solved by delivering book to Yann.


  • Talk to Yann again when you have the book


  • Positive Fame
  • Book of "Lore of Intoxicating Beverages"
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