Wovelea's Information QuestEdit

Where to get itEdit

City of Mithria, outside the east entrance of the large complex where the Governer's residence is, by the stream. Talk to Wovelea and give her the money to redeem herself, and she will give you this quest.

Where to solve itEdit

The peddler is found right west from the North town gate of the City of Mithria. When your location arrow points west to the "Inn" symbol (the beer mug), you are in the right location. He does not walk around. The peddler only shows up during daytime hours.

Other InformationEdit

The peddler sells two overpriced rings. You have to choose between the two:
- Ring of Mana , +30SP, outfit:fashionable, ~3600 gold
- Ring of Feather, Feather 20, outfit:regular, ~4000 gold

You can try to blackmail him using Wovelea's information. Depending on your Mercantile skill, You can:

1. Persuade him to sell rings for half the price (Mercantile skill 50 is enough for this)

2. Persuade him to give both rings to You for free (You need Mercantile skill 60 or more for this)

3. Turn him in to the guards for 500 gold and increase of Your fame.

All three solutions will complete the quest. You can sell any of the rings to Nica the Jeweler in Mithria City Center for 1500 gold each.

Glitch in the game: If You first buy one of the rings for full price from the peddler and then persuade him to give the rings for free/half, You will end with 3 rings. You can sell all three to Nica also.

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