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Hail Knave! Below are some guidelines for lending ye gauntlet in assisting on thine wiki.

Editing Zones

The following sections are needed, where applicable:

  • Enemies
  • Quests
  • Herbs
  • Items Found
  • Features
  • Shops

Maps and Zones

A thumbnail of our current progress

Where to send raw resources to be processed

Example of a raw zone screen capture

Our first major project is creating a complete map of Freymore (completed, see thumbnail!). You can help us with very little effort.

All you have to do is:

  • Be on an iPhone/iPod Touch (sorry to others but we don't want to have to mess around with scaling pixels)
  • Be in landscape mode (pixels can vary between portrait and landscape for maps)
  • Fully explore just a single zone, and stand IN the zone, on an edge.
  • take two overlapping screen captures of the zone in two halves (see example) (you don't need to join them)
  • To perform a screen capture on an iPhone/iPod Touch, all you have to do is press (not hold) the Power button (top, right) and the Home Button (front, bottom) at the same time. The screen will flash white for a second and the *.png will be in your photos.
  • Email the two images to the "Resource email address" in the image on the right ----------->

Processing your own Zone images

If you capture a map of a zone and upload it, it is strongly preferred if it is:

  • Capture a raw map zone (see above)
  • Join them and crop them to show just the zone, the zone border and very small amount of the neighboring zones (if applicable)
  • Name the file the full name of the zone (eg "Village of Matras.png")
  • In *.png format
  • Have a transparent background if crop is larger than image
  • Upload and embed it in the wiki and email it to the "Resource email address" in the image on the right ----------->

Editing Quests

A quest walkthrough needs several components to be usable:

  • Refrain from use of first person (unless the use of first person is from a DIRECT QUOTE)
  • Grammar is essential.
  • Refrain from use of opinion
  • At the very least, a quest walkthrough requires a list of steps required for completion. Make these steps concise.
    • Example: "Choosing this option requires 70 persuade" as opposed to "I just tried different things and eventually he talked"
    • If the quest can be completed in multiple ways, or can be failed, provide steps to those as well.
  • If, during the course of a quest, the player receives another quest, the new quest belongs in another article.
  • Long paragraphs should be avoided.
  • While the minimum for a quest walkthrough is a list of steps (as listed above), extra detail pertaining to the quest is acceptable and encouraged.
  • Lore: small spoilers can be placed in the quest walkthrough. Significant lore or plot written during or before the quest should instead be added to the page of its subject.
  • Each quest page needs at least one image (currently not a priority)

Quests are essential to this game. Any quest walkthroughs that do not meet the Guidelines, in part or in full, will be marked as such.

Editing Items

There are many different types of items in The Quest; as such, some general guidelines will apply.

General Requirements

  • All items have a weight. This must be added.
  • All items, unless not implemented in-game, are found somewhere.
  • When creating a new page, or editing an existing item page, add a link to it in its parent. For instance, add a Lady's Slipper Flower to Ingredients.


  • Weapons and Armor require their classification (light/heavy), damage or AC, outfit, and enchantability.
  • The finished page belongs in its discipline (Light Weapon, Light Armor, Heavy Armor, or Heavy Weapon).
  • For an example, check out the page Cheap short sword.
  • Please use the template called "Infobox weapon" for all weapons and "Infobox for armor" for all armor.


  • When possible, transcribe the text of the book, adding a spoiler tag if needed.
  • Point out whether or not the book gives points to a skill.
  • Books can go into Skill Books, Lore Books, and Spellbooks (not yet implemented in wiki).


  • Include the potion's effect.


  • Include the uses of the ingredient. Link to each potion in which the ingredient can be used.

Quest Items

  • These are typically unique. Provide a link to the quest in which the item is found, and if the quest page does not detail how to obtain the item, add that on the quest item page.

To-do list

This is a list of what the wiki currently needs, but is not limited to:

  • Rewrites of most articles on the side (to add more information to each)
  • Shop pools
  • Enemy drop tables
  • Expansion details
  • Template creation
  • Quest write-ups
  • Complete coverage of:
    • The Quest
    • Ice and Fire
    • Hero of Lukomorye I
    • Thor's Hammer
    • Celtic Rift
  • Details of items (including weapons, jewelry, etc.)

Each page will need at least one image in the future. In the present, however, we should focus on the text and add in the images later.