Water tiles are tiles that inhibit a character's movement depending on the size and shape of a pool of water. They are the most common tiles in both the base game and expansions. While they aren't that big a deal normally, water tiles become a pain in a fight, in tight areas such as Lake Brendan's Cave, or when trying to navigate areas that have many water tiles such as the Swamp of Tears.

Notes About Water Tiles Edit

  • A character can only walk through one water tile directly, (not counting ones near land) but then can't go anywhere but back to land.
  • A character can only walk through multiple consecutive water tiles if they are connected to land.
  • In swamp areas, many water tiles are surrounded in noxious gas traps that detonate when stepped on. These are especially prevalent near tiles that can be walked over or that lead to an otherwise unreachable area.
  • All 1x1 and 2x2 pools of water can be completely walked through.
  • No areas labelled "Sea" on the Freymore map are accessible by any means other than hacking or cheating.
  • Many pieces of land with "Sea" areas in between them are connected by Teleporters or Ports/Harbors.
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