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Village of Phryn is in the eastern part of Freymore, south of the capital city of Mithria and east of Vastares. For most players this is the third major town or city visited.

West Skryven Keep - The Tower Village of Phryn Cemetery of Phryn East
Garden of Phryn


  • There is a teleporter in the center of the village that teleports the player to Mithria.


  • All of the town's shops are within a few steps of the teleporter.
  • There is a blacksmith, a tailor, an alchemist, and a magic shop.
  • Some details on what the shops sell will probably come in the future.


  • Speak to a villager, then to the Mayor of Phryn to start the Enchantress' Head quest.
  • During the above quest, Brom can give you the Brom's Potion and Wine quest.
  • Fraynen the tailor gives the Get a Pattern Book Quest.
  • Gorjan gives you the Treasure Island Quest if you buy his map off of him for 1000 coins.
  • A subquest starts if you talk to Bokor the gravedigger in the Cemetery of Phryn about dead wives. Go to Elzunid and she will give you a potion of Poison and then you will identify her as the killer. Call the guards over,the talk to the Mayor. Wait 24 hours and speak to him again. He will reward you with a Knight's shield.


  • There are not any ingredients visible, but you can buy some from the alchemist.
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