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Vastares is a city located in the western part of the island. It is the first city encountered by the player, and is first reached by following the path south from Matras. It is known to be one of the few cities to have a brothel, known as the 'House of Fleshy Delights', and is also home to quite a few events. Rumors and Quests of note includes Nobleman's Inheritence, and rumors of the Thieves Guild. There is also a man in the outer regions of Vastares whom may remove your bounty for a fee (Useful for avoiding being arrested on sight by guards).



Vastares Region

The Region of Vastares is composed of the following zones (using the Town Portal spell in any of these zones will teleport you to Vastares - City Center, zone #11):
1. Western Pine Forest
2. Dark Pine Forest
3. Eastern Pine Forest
4. Outlands of Vastares (City Zone)
5. Garden of Vastares (City Zone)
6. Field of the Big Wall
7. Ancestor's Bay - West Shore
8. Abandoned Region
9. Southern Pine Forest
10. Vastares - Pine Quarter (City Zone)
11. Vastares - City Center (City Zone)
12. Vastares - Port Quarter (City Zone)
13. Peninsula of the Big Wall
14. Lake of Freymore - Northern Shore
15. Scrubland
16. No Man's Land
17. Barren Peak
18. Cemetery of Vastares (City Zone)
19. Grove of Vastares (City Zone)
20. Church of Vastares (City Zone)
21. Lake of Freymore - Southern Shore
22. Lake of Freymore - Eastern Shore
23. Delta of Freymore
24. Western Barren Forest
25. Barren Forest
26. Eastern Barren Forest
27. Way of the Brave
28. Marsh of Reeyk
29. Source of Freymore
30. Wilderness of Freymore - Western Region
31. Land of Faith
32. Shipshorn Bay
33. Southern Barren Forest
34. Redwood Forest
35. Swamp of Tears - Entrance
36. Swamp of Tears - The Wall
37. Fen of Death
38. Monastery of Vastares
39. Way of Faith
40. Field of the Sun
41. The Marshland
42. Swamp of Tears - The Marshland
43. Swamp of Tears - The Peninsula
44. Fen of Death - The Sanctuary
45. Fen of Death - Saltwater Flats
Note: The Monastery of Vastares does not count as part of the city, as it is located a few zones away.


1. Prison of Vastares (City Zone)
2. Castle of Vastares (City Zone)
3. Crypt of the Donnen Dynasty (City Zone)
4. Crypt of the Ferney Dynasty (City Zone)
5. Thieves' Guild lair (City Zone)
6. Abandoned Mine
7. Barren Peak cave
8. Cave of the Holy Man
9. Empire of the Witch Queen
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