Undead magic is a type of magic only available to the Rasvim race. It is generally very high cost, but also has high utility for your character or can deal immense damage when paired with high intelligence characters.

Some Undead Spell Examples (To be updated soon) Edit

Unholy Word

  • Heal % of Unholy Health Based on character level (Unsure of level scaling, but decreases in effectiveness as level raises)
  • Costs 30 Mana

Drain Health

  • Damage an enemy for ~10-50 damage (Depending on intelligence) and heal 30-50% max unholy health (Depending on Undead Magic level and Max Unholy Health)
  • Costs 35 Mana

Drain Health Touch*

  • Damage an enemy for ~2/3 (Or 66%) of damage currently dealt by Drain Health, but heal 10-15% more unholy health (based on ~1/4 of current undead magic level)
  • Costs 29 Mana
  • *(Note that this spell cannot be used unless the Drain Health spell is already known, and that this spell can only be used within melee range)


  • Drastically increases effectiveness of all undead* or attack spells on a target (% is equal to current Undead Magic level)
  • Costs 55 Mana
  • *(Note that it has no effect on the healing given by Drain Health or Drain Health Touch, but raises the damage)
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