The Undead creatues in Ice and Fire are similar to Ghouls in the original game.


All Undead have a chance of inflicting diseases and are capable of magical ranged and melee attacks.

Lost SoulEdit

  • Level: 15

    A Lost Soul haunting the Sunken Cemetery on Eldfell

  • Hp: 300
  • Xp: 3500
  • Str: 33, Dex: 33, End: 33, int: 12
  • Found in Cemetery of Eldfell.

Servant of FleshEdit

  • Level: 17

    A Servant of Flesh in the Fallen Cemetery

  • Hp: 320
  • Xp: 4700


  • The Harm Undead spell works really well on these creatures and doesn't use up much mana.
  • It helps to have a strong Magic Resistance and disease resistance when fighting Undead.
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