The Uncle's Haunting Wife is a quest given to you by the uncle of the Mayor of Mithria, Uncle Ardan Melessanen.

The Quest in DepthEdit

  • First talk to the Mayor of Mithria in Mithria - City Center. Ask him if he needs anything. He will tell you about his Uncle's nightmares.
  • Go to the City of Mithria and talk to Uncle Ardan Melessanen. His house is located past the city square on the left side. He will tell you about his nightmares. He will give you a Crypt Key, this quest, and a Gold Flower.
  • Go down the leftmost stairs in the Cemetery of Mithria and unlock the door.
  • Talk to the wraith. At this point you can either give the wraith your key or tell it you have "other plans."

The keyEdit

This is the method to fail the quest.

  • Giving the wraith the key gives you several gems but you will commit a crime.
  • Talk to Uncle Ardan Melessanen. You reveal that you released her soul from the crypt. Unfortunately you have now failed this quest and you get a decrease in fame.

The "other plans"Edit

This is the method to complete the quest.

  • Tell the wraith you have other plans for it. Place the Gold Flower on the shelf. This will make the wraith disappear.
  • Talk to Uncle Ardan Melessanen. Your quest is now complete. You receive a golden magic dagger.
  • Don't forget to return to the Mayor to receive an additional 1500 Gold
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