Spell DetailsEdit

  • Name: Town Portal
  • Cost: 60 sp
  • Effect: This spell transfers the player to the nearest city (self).
- Town portal.

Book DescriptionEdit

"When monsters and mages from the nether realm last threatened the throne, Mersant saved himself by using this spell to disappear to a nearby town, fortunately friendly. The invocation of this charm will transfer you boldly to the nearest town".


  • (*) = Value varies depending on level of governing Attribute and/or Skill.
  • Visit our Regions article for a complete list of Zones and their bound cities.
  • It becomes first available at the Vastares - City Center.
  • This spell is highly valuable as it allows players to reach the City of Mithria much sooner than they would otherwise be able to.
  • Pay attention to available health as monsters will be able to attack after spell is casted, but before actually teleporting away.
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