This is the page where the cool people working on this site organize the work that needs to be done. Since this is still a new site, plenty remains to be done before this is a workable reference. Please, only take on these tasks if you are committed to completing them. Also, use quality writing when editing pages.

Currently Working On- Where editors list the project they are working on at the moment. If you take on a task, let others know by adding your name to the list.
Up Next- A list of tasks that need to be completed soon. If you want some way to help, look no further!
For Later- A list of tasks that aren't as crucial to complete as the "Up Next" section
Completed- The list of recently completed tasks. When moving your completed work to this section, be sure to update this list. If you expanded on the stub page for Island of Freymore, delete the line where is says the stub page was created. *Note: this section will be deleted once the site is up and running smoothly.

Currently Working OnEdit


  • Putting up stub pages for each zone
    • Where it is in relation to the four adjacent zones
    • List any quests obtained in that zone
    • Adding to the "Zones" category
    • Adding a "stub" template

Up NextEdit

  • Stub pages for each Quest
    • Locations
  • Stat/Skill stub pages
  • Formatting of the main page
  • Stub pages for the shops
  • Skilltrainer stub pages

For LaterEdit

  • Quest walkthroughs
  • Character creation guide
  • Pages for each opponent
  • Detailed pages for the four villages and cities
  • Detailed pages for the shops
  • Magic pages


June 20, 2009Edit

  • Stub pages for the four villages and cities
  • Created a "Spoilers" and "Quest" template.
    • The "Quest" template goes at the beginning of every quest page
    • The "Spoilers" template goes at the beginning of a non-quest page containing spoilers

June 19, 2009Edit

  • To-Do page
    • Description at top of the page
    • Completed, Currently Working On, Up Next, and For Later sections
  • Island of Freymore stub page
    • Map
  • Zones stub page
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