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Thurm has entrusted you to deliver a valuable piece of paper to an old associate of his from the Thieves' Guild in Vastares.


Opening DialogueEdit

  • See Thurm's quest for the animals for this quest's opening dialogue.


Thurm's buried treasure:

Bring Thurm's map to his partner opposite the blacksmith in the city of Vastares and help him find the buried gold. Bring back Thurm's share to him in the Peninsula, north of Matras, to receive half of it.


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Buried Treasure of thurm



  • Proceed to room opposite the blacksmith in Vastares to find Thurm's associate, Solomon. Pass him the Thurm's half of the treasure map.
You -
"I know about the treasure map. Can you show me the half of it?"
Solomon -
"So the good-old Thurm still lives? Yes I have the half of that map. But why do you think I'll show you the other half?"
You -
"Because I have the other half."
Solomon -
"Really? Let me take a look at it... Yes, it is. So finally he wants his share from it. You want to know how we came on so much money, didn't you? It's a good story... We burgled the house of the village tax collector. we knewthrough the grapevine he was skimming gold each week from what he collected from villagers - there isn't an honest tax collector in this world for sure. That was probably his life's savings - now its ours, tax free of course!
So, let's put the map parts together and see where it is. It's... in the outlands of Vastares. I'll go there to dig that hole this night. The darkness will help keep the safety."
  • Now that the hard part is done, all you have to do is wait around for Solomon to retrieve the treasure. All he rewards your impatience with is a few words of comfort:
Solomon -
"Wait a little more, stranger. You can trust me, I would never dupe somebody who has Thurm's confidence."
  • Come back to Solomon in 24 hours, and he will have the treasure in his hands.


  • You may choose not to return to Thurm at all to keep his share without losing fame.
  • Solomon is part of the dangerous Thieves' Guild.


  • Gold: 1500
  • Commit Crime
Optional Reward IEdit

Return to Thurm only to tell him you are keeping his half of the treasure.

  • Gold: 1500
  • Fame Decrease
Optional Reward IIEdit

Return to Thurm to give him his share.

Closing DialogueEdit

Solomon -

"All right, I went there and got the treasure, fortunately it's not damaged or disapeared. Here is the bag, you can see every single coin. Yes, you see it right: it's many. As I counted, it's 6000 gold, so the half of this is 3000. Accept this amount and lets forget about each other. But don't forget to bring back Thurm's share too! You'll still have 1500 gold, which is pretty good for this little business. The thieves' curse on you if you double cross my brother.
You have lost an item of Thurm's half of the treasure map.
You have received 3000g.
The Thurm's buried treasure quest has been solved.
You have commited a crime.
Optional Closing DialogueEdit

Thurm -

"So you settled all the business work with the good-old Solomon? Great! I hope he's in fine condition. Now you can prove my trust in you was right. Could you kindly give me my share, 1500 gold coins from that amount of gold? I can give you something special if you do it. It would be so good for renovating our home and would make my dear wife happy."
Optional Answer IEdit

You -

"Even if I had that much, I would never give it to thieves. Good bye."

Thurm -

"So this is your point of view. Then why did you come back to me? Get out right NOW! I don't want to see you again.
Your fame has been decreased.
Optional Answer IIEdit

You -

"Yes of course, here is your share."

Thurm -

"Thank you, dear adventurer. Accept my good old weapon as a reward, I'll never use it anymore. But believe me, it's still functioning very well."
You have received an item of Thurm's thief sword.
You have lost 1500g.
Your fame has been increased.
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