Note that this quest is only available to players who are Rasvim or Seiry.

Upon entry of a street in Northern Mithria, you will see a dead body and a guard. You will be seized by a guard who will immediately put you in prison for "murdering a civilian" There will be 3 NPCs in your cell (Not all of them show up immediately). There will be a Judge, A goblin, And a prosecutor. Talk to the goblin first, and follow all of the answers. Then turn and speak to the judge, who tells you to talk to the prosecutor. Speak to the prosecutor and answer all questions truthfully. He will still say you are guilty. Talk to the goblin again, Then speak to the judge. He will sentence you to fight the rather underwhelming Crown Champion . Defeating the crown champion will leave a belt that you can't pick up, as you will immediately be teleported back to the cell. Talk tho the judge about the Crown Champion, and recieve an increase in health/unholy health, fame, and experience as well as a release from your cell.

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