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The Quest is a massive Role-playing Game set in a dynamic and complex world of dark medieval fantasy originally developed by Redshift Games for Pocket PC, and later adapted for multiple platforms. However, the game harnessed considerable popularity once it was adapted for the iPhone and iPod Touch and published by Chillingo.

The game has continued to grow in great part due to third party developers such as Zarista Games and other independent developers, and has seen a great number of expansion packages published across the different platforms. Although Redshift developed only the main game and one official expansion pack, the original creative forces behind this unique behemoth continue to provide support to it and all of its related products. This constant expansion of an already lavish fantasy realm has gathered a sizeable cult following in sites such as Playhaven, Catacomber, and Touch Arcade. The Quest has continued to be raved about as one of the best RPG games currently available on the App Store, and possibly the best retro RPG to date.

On December 7, 2015, The Quest was released to the Steam Greenlight system. It was Greenlit ten days later and officially released on December 21, 2015.

Main Game and Expansions[]

The Quest sports an impressive number of expansions in addition to the already massively immersed main game. Through these, a player is given the option of creating one character to undergo countless adventures throughout the hundreds of quests available to him in a continuous story, or play each installment as a stand-alone game experience.

Name Menu Icon Release Date Description Recomended Level Developer Platforms
The Quest QuestIcon.jpg

February 20, 2009 (iOS), December 21, 2015 (Steam)

Main game set on the continent of Freymore where the hero is put on a mission of great importance to uncover a deadly plot against the crown. 1 Redshift Games iPhone / iPod Touch / Palm / PC / PPC
The Quest Lite LiteIcon.jpg ? This compact version of the main game allows players to explore the Matras Region. 1 Redshift Games iPhone / iPod Touch
Islands of Ice and Fire InFIcon.jpg May 20, 2009 (iOS) The journey continues as the hero's aid is requested to discover the source of a deadly plague spreading from the isle of Thule. 14 Redshift Games iPhone / iPod Touch / Palm / PC / PPC
The Quest Gold Url-4.jpeg

December 16, 2009 (iOS)

Downloadable package that includes The Quest, the official expansion, and the first two installments of the Hero of Lukomorye saga. 1 Redshift Games / Zarista Games iPhone / iPod Touch
Hero of Lukomorye I: Siege of Zlatograd HOLiIcon.jpg August 26, 2009 (iOS) The legendary exploits of the hero reach the far corners of the world and his assistance is needed once more to halt the siege of Zlatograd by the nefarious Kozney, the Deathless and the Savir hordes. 22 Zarista Games iPhone / iPod Touch / Palm / PC / PPC
Hero of Lukomorye II: Tainted Blood HOLiiIcon.jpg November 13, 2009 (iOS) The saga of the legendary hero continues as he must now free the nobility of Lukomorye from the clutches of the Savirian army. 32 Zarista Games iPhone / iPod Touch / Palm / PC / PPC
Hero of Lukomorye III: Stormy Seas HOLiiiIcon.jpg February 1, 2010 (iOS) The Tzar has rewarded you, the Hero of Lukomorye with the province of Cologreve, but you quickly learn that you must cleanse the land from the grips of powerful crime bosses, and the all too familiar taint that is the Deathless. 38 Zarista Games iPhone / iPod Touch / Palm / PC / PPC
Hero of Lukomorye IV: Death to the Deathless Url.jpeg June 2, 2010 (iOS) The Tzar summons you to the northern land of Seversk to join him in the assault of Kozney's fortress, but the attack is far from simple as the Deathless has gathered formidable allies himself. 45 Zarista Games iPhone / iPod Touch / Palm / PC / PPC
Hero of Lukomorye V: Island of Buyan Url-1.jpeg February 1, 2011 (iOS) There is no rest for the wicked as the legendary Hero of Lukomorye discovers powerful forces working against the Island of Buyan. 61 Zarista Games iPhone / iPod Touch / Palm / PC / PPC
Enemy of the Mithril Horde MithrilIcon.jpg January 13, 2010 (iOS) Take up the fight as a Savirian general returned from the ill-fated Lukomorian war against the Mithril Horde itself at the command of your ruler, Lord Yuz, who wishes to establish his independence from the horde once more. 25 Zarista Games iPhone / iPod Touch / Palm / PC / PPC
Escape From Asteroids Url-2.jpeg April 4, 2010 (iOS) The hero's ship has gone off course, terribly off course, as it is consumed by a mysterious black hole and sends him on a spiral towards a foreign and unforgiving landscape. 40 Zarista Games iPhone / iPod Touch / Palm / PC / PPC
Attack From Asteroids Url-3.jpeg December 22, 2010 (iOS) Hemma makes a return from the Astral Plane and has the Asteroid Mage trapped in his clutches, and it is up to the hero to free him from this terrible fate. 58 Zarista Games iPhone / iPod Touch / PC
Lost Archipielagos ArchipIcon.jpg October 14, 2010 (iOS) The hero's much needed rest is disturbed once more as Mersant summons him to uncover the source of strange event that are transpiring in an even stranger land. 45 CivilStriker iPhone / iPod Touch / Palm / PC / PPC
The Cursed Chess Set Cursed.jpeg August 31, 2010 (iOS) Mana is leaking from the world, and the king's cursed chess set is at the center of this demonic storm. It is up to the hero to stop this madness before the crazed king is given power to destroy the world. 1-14 Zarista Games iPhone / iPod Touch / Palm / PC / PPC
The Gauntlet -None- ? -Incomplete- ? Aslmentor Palm / PC / PPC
Casper's Ghostly Tormentors -None- ? -Incomplete- ? GoldenGhost Palm / PC / PPC
Terror's Returnal -None- ? -Incomplete- ? Randor244 Palm / PC / PPC
Prophecy's End -None- ? -Incomplete- ? Randor244 Palm / PC / PPC
Cash Out Market -None- ? -Incomplete- ? Phredd Palm / PC / PPC
Junk Recycle -None- ? -Incomplete- ? Phredd Palm / PC / PPC
Celtic Rift Celtic1.jpeg June 30, 2011 (iOS) The King has suddenly died and the Queen is the new ruler. It is up to the hero to remove the Queen from power, awake her daughter from an eternal sleep, and put her in charge. 1 Zarista Games iPhone / iPod Touch / PC
Mithril Horde II Mithhorde2.jpeg January 24, 2012 (iOS) Princess Yasmine lies under the spell of the great dragon king, Bethlusaa, whose spirit lives on, captured in a magical tome.  Your mission is to find that book and exorcise Bethlusaa's spirit to the realm of the dead. 35 Zarista Games iPhone / iPod Touch / PC
Celtic Queen September 1, 2012 (iOS) Habren is queen now, thanks to you, Hero!  However, King Locrinus'  brother has challenged her right to the throne.  He's taken Madden's two sons under his control and assembled an army to fight Habren.  It's your mission to make order out of chaos and save the queen. 35 Zarista Games iPhone / iPod Touch / PC
Celtic Doom June 9, 2013 (iOS) Merlin has called you back to his Celtic world because he fears Prince Malin wants to usurp Queen Habren's throne.  He's locked up Prince Malin's love, Lady Lotti, and wants the Prince dead by your hand.  Meanwhile, Habren is tired of being queen and needs your help to regain control of the Wheel of Time. 75 Zarista Games iPhone / iPod Touch / PC