The Quest Wiki

Your ultimate quest is at hand. Do you free the world, or rule it?


  • Talk to The Gatekeeper. Talk
  • Exit the The Dark Castle after talking to The Gatekeeper


  • As soon as you step outside you will be confronted my the Mysterious Man, who reveals himself to be the Leader of the Mage Council
    • No matter how you talk with him, he will leave you to be attacked by around 10 Orcs
  • Once you have defeated them enter the pentagram in the zone The Gateway

The Gateway[]

  • The Leader of the Mage Council will greet you here, exhausted and calm.
    • You can talk to him and attack him and kill him, or
    • You can talk to him and leave him alive with the promise of "I will always keep my eyes on you!"
    • Neither choice affects how you end the game, and you'll eventually end up fighting him either way.


  • Head west and use your rope to cross the chasm
  • Open the bone door and fight the 3 Hell Skeletons
  • Use the switch on the far western wall. You will hear voices.
  • Go back to the main room.

The Pit of Hell[]

  • You will notice the blue force field to the south has gone. Go down the stairs.
  • You will be attacked by 4 Undead Servants (Unless you are Rasvim, they will remain passive until attacked.)
  • Walk south into the next room where you will fight the Undead King and 3 Undead Servants
    • When you defeat him you will be told that "You will never be King of the Undeads. You're wetting yourself with fear"
      • Unless you are a Rasvim in which case you will become the new King of the Undeads and the Undead Servants will not attack you
    • The red force field in the Dragon Domain will now be gone.
  • Go back to the main room.

Key of the Dragon[]

  • Go through the door to the east
  • Take the Dragon Key off the statue's tray
  • Kill the 2 Hell Ghouls (It is advised to either have the paralyze spell or a wand of paralyze, as these ghouls are very tough.)
  • Go back to the main room.

Dragon Domain[]

  • Use the Dragon Key to unlock the bone door to the North
  • The Dragon Domain houses 8 Dragons and the Dragon King. You can:
    • just attack the dragons.. and they will all attack you
    • tell the Dragon King "I'm ready to die".. and they will all attack you
    • tell the Dragon King "Actually you will serve me!".. and he will attack you alone. When he dies, the other dragons will serve you and stop attacking you.
    • tell the Dragon King "We could talk it through".. and he will throw you in jail. Escape using two secret doors, and talk to him again. All the dragons will attack you.

Decisions, decisions[]

  • If the Leader of the Mage Council is still alive, he will betray you at this point and attack you if you talk to him.
  • Now that everyone is dead, you must go back to The Gatekeeper in The Dark Castle in the zone Dark Castle
  • The Main Mission Quest will also be solved at this point.
  • Depending on your decision, you will get several rewards.


  • When fighting the orcs, the Fireball spell works very well if you have magic immunity or high resistance. The orcs will be crowding you, so they will all take damage from it. If not you should have a wand of wild paralyze and the recharge wand spell. Do not move out from in front of the dark castle. When you have 2 orcs in front of you, paralyze them, attack, and repeat until the wand is empty. Then go inside the castle, recharge your wand, rest or drink any potions you need, then rinse and repeat until the orcs are Gone. You may lend one wand at Mysterious man (before joining at thieves guild, ask a wand). As you exit dark castle you should use Gorodki game style rules to play "Letter" figure (first shoot you must hit the center, shoot fireball to center, and secondary stay at position).
  • (If you are a Rasvim) When fighting the Undead King, if you attack his servants first it won't trigger all of them to attack you, so you can kill all of the servants before fighting the king himself. It is advised to have a wand of paralyze if your character isn't very tanky, as the servants deal a lot of damage. Note that the king cannot be paralyzed. Also note this doesn't work the dragons, as if one is attacked it triggers all of them to attack you.
  • When you leave the cell step forward to dragon (the most right position, in melee range, or just two more steps out the cell), equip, cast protect magic and attack. Do not stand by the wall as AI knows that the spell has splash damage and aim to trees/walls. Or you can exploit it, cast magic immunity upon yourself and enjoy the show of dragons killing each other with fireballs.