You receive this quest from Halbor in Lydney Village.

He says he needs you to find a way to see the Addancs.

Find Addanc Mita to get the Addanc Sight ability to that you can see the Addancs in the River of Addancs.

You will receive the Talk to the Addanc quest.

To get the Addanc Sight Ability, refer to the Build a Bridge quest.

When you have the Addanc Sight Ability, return to Halbor in Lydney Village.

The Talk to the Addanc quest will be solved.

When this quest is completed, Halbor will give you as many Homemade Beer Potions as you want for free.

With 120 appraise, they sell for 12 gold each at the potion store. So if you got time to kill, you could keep going to Halbor to get Homemade Beer Potions and sell them. I don't know if i suggest doing this, but its just a thought.

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