Sunken Island

A map of Sunken Island

Sunken Island is in the central bay of Freymore. The entrance to Underground Passage is located here.

Initially, the only way to this island is by talking to the Suspicious Man in Port of Mithria for the Enter the Governor's Castle Quest. After you have completed this quest, you will be able to access the island from Citadel of Mithria - First Floor.

West Sunken Island East


  • According to Wawirr the Sunken Island used to be the capital of Freymore. Earthquakes shook the large plains around the city and thus the island started to sink. It was unstoppable; even the undead mages were unable to halt the sinking. Today the island is little more than an abandoned ghost town.


  • Wawirr will tell you the history of the island. Also Wawirr permits you to enter the Underground Passage at the cost of two points from an attribute. A Rasvim does not have to pay this charge.



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