As many of you will know, the Quest is an ever expanding universe created on the most part by hard core players of the game. As it stands now there are five expansions plus the core game on iPhone, with another expansion due any minute.

As a new player, what you need is a guide to maximise your character.

Here's the first part.

Every character that has done the "Dash to Mithria" has a serious advantage, as you can access armour weaponry magic etc that are simply not available in the base game! Speak to the harbour master in port of mithria.

There is a huge thread on that gives you all the hints you need to do this. You should aim to get to Mithria with zero xp, and I promise you, this is doable. I anjd a fair few others I know of have done it. It takes about thirty minutes of gameplay. Check out the thread in

The second part will follow, but is rather more arcane.



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