Slave girl

Lydia of Mythria

A slave is in a bind and you're the key to her freedom!


  • Talk to Lydia of Mithria in the Slaver's Camp in Ancestors' Bay - East Shore.
  • She will promise you a gem, if you steal a key from the Orc Slave Master.


  • Go east and enter the nearby hut.
  • Talk to an orc, Karmish the Slave Master.
    • Tell him "There is a sand fly on your pocket", which will let you steal a Small Key from him if your Persuade skill is 35 or higher.

Escape, Capture and Escape!Edit

  • Go back to Lydia and talk to her again.
    • You will give her the key, she will give you an increase in fame, a kiss and Lydia's Ruby (worth around 1300 gold).
  • The orcs grab you for this and throw you (30 damage) in the nearby pit to rot.
  • Fortunately the pit has a secret button, which will teleport you to freedom! (near the fountain)
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