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While this is not officially a quest that gets annotated into a character's journal, players can attempt to solve this optional side-quest to receive additional rewards. Players who wish to complete this part of the journey must venture into the Ruined Crypt and complete the Matras Infection quest.


  • Talk to various villagers to record the spreading rumors of smuggling activities in Matras. Note that you may be able to gather information from the less reputable village folk.


***The rest of this article contains spoilers***

Do not continue reading if you wish to complete this quest without aid.


You -
"Is it true you have problems with smugglers here?"
Mayana -
"Without real shadow, there is no real light, stranger. They solve their problems in their own way just like me. As long as they don't interfere with my business here, I'm fine with them.
If you want to be a part of the dark side too, come back to me when you've done something bad here and have the guards breathing down your neck. I'll have an offer."
You -
"Are smugglers a problem here?"
Brena -
"I try to listen to village gossip, and did hear the guards have all they can do between the smugglers and thieves in this town to keep our streets safe. But I think Lucia knows more than me - she always loved the dark side of Matras. I'm sure you can find her in the poor part even now."
  • Speak to Lucia who is standing near the prison's entrance on the western side of the Village of Matras.
You -
Lucia -
"I may know something about that... I'm well into the dark business here. If you throw me a few coins in return, I'll give you the information you need."
You -
"All right, here they are, just for your pretty eyes."
Lucia -
"Kisses, dear. So here goes all that I know: they use the storehouse, which you can find in the port quarter. Most of the time it's locked, but it has an underground secret entrance as far as I know. At least there are some rumors about a dungeon too where the sailors store the illegal stuff. But I don't know from where it opens."
You have lost 2 gold.
  • Finally, speak to the Mayor of Matras located a few doors west of the Inn, and who will candidly point out that he has a more pressing issue for you to resolve.
You -
"What about the smuggling operation here?"
Mayor -
"We have a more important situation here - the bad air of the village. Let's talk about this later."
  • Proceed with accepting the Matras Infection quest from the mayor if you haven't done so already, and complete that task. Once completed, and you have gotten your reward from the mayor, speak to him again about the smuggling.
You -
"What about the smuggling operation here?"
Mayor -
"I have heard so,ething about a smuggling operation run by some sailors. I would thank you for any information you can provide.
Or have you heard something?"
  • If you did not trigger the next step of the quest by stepping into the smuggler's storehouse inside the Ruined Crypt, make sure to return and do so:
"As you look around, you realize the storehouse is full with illegal stuff."
  • If you wish to revisit this location in the future, you should make sure to obtain the Mark spell from the vendor in the village, and mark the room into your list of locations. Once you return to the mayor to collect your reward, he will lock access to the room from the tunnel in the dungeon. You may Recall back into the room even after it is locked, though.


  • You may speak to the NPCs in any order or none at all prior to completing the Matras Infestation quest. This will not affect the outcome of your findings in any way, just expand on the role-playing aspect of the game.
  • Visit the Ruined Crypt page for a walkthrough of the dungeon.
  • Make sure to explore the hidden area of the Ruined Crypt as this is the source of the village's smuggling operations.


  • Gold: 300
  • Fame Increase

Closing DialogueEdit

You -

"The smugglers use the storehouse."

Mayor -

"Impressive! The sailors will be arrested immediately and I will lock up that storehouse. Thank you for your honest cooperation."
Your fame has been increased.
You have received 300 gold.
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