Silver Peak Caves can be accessed from a North and South entrance from the zone Silver Peak



North EntranceEdit

South EntranceEdit

  • Mistress Employee - who is supervising construction of a Temple and who guards the Treasury. To be able to attack her you must enrage her through conversation. Say to her
    • "I want to be part of this.", then (Decrease in fame)
    • "But I need to know what's going on here.", then she and the Orc Workers will attack you.
    • When killed, she will drop a Treasure Key


  • The treasury is opened with the Treasure Key and has assorted treasure as well as
    • 3000 gold
    • 2 gems

Temple of the New EraEdit

The temple has a ladder which leads down into to the Mithril Mine

Between both caves Edit

Cave North and South are separated by an empty space, but putting down all five levers it is possible to walk over the void to reach some loot

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