The shaman in the Dungeon of Blood will want You to find 3 Skulls he needs for the ritual.

- One is with the Cyclops boss nearby. You must defeat it. Watch out, he is not as easy as most monsters you've encountered so far. Cure paralysis potion/wand and high armor (AC) would be helpful. If you find yourself low on health and supplies, you can escape via the stairs, rest in nearby Matras, and return. The Cyclops should have the same amount of health as it did before you left to heal.

- Second is in town at the port quarter's pawnshop, the shopkeeper will want you to bring him a magic book for exchange (he will mention the name of book so don't worry) then go back to the shaman and ask for the book. He will give it to you. Exchange it with the shaman for the book.

- Third is in the Matras cemetery, in the same dungeon you explored in the Matras Sickness mission.


- 3 Books to read

- No Fame

- 1500 Gold

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