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A shaman is a humanoid magician who will assault you from afar.


All shamen will cast Magic Missile, Resistance and Lightning Bolt spells.

The Quest Original Game[]


  • Level 9
  • Hp: 100
  • Xp: 300

Aged Shaman[]

  • Level: 11
  • Hp: 150
  • Xp: 400

Blood Shaman[]

  • Level: 15
  • Hp: 200
  • Xp: 900

Islands of Ice and Fire[]

Winter shamen are found around the Abbey of Thule.

Winter Shaman[]


  • The best defense against a shaman is a high magic resistance. All his damage is magically based, and the higher your resistance, the less damage you will take.
  • Paralysis is an excellent way of closing the gap to get close enough damage the shaman
  • Shamen can cast the Resistance spell to protect themselves from anything but physical damage
  • Can anyone confirm if the Mage Curse spell is effective?
  • Blood Shamen can occasionally drop 3000 gold when killed.