Seiry Character Screen

Infamous amongst all the races, the Seiry are the ruffians and scoundrels of The Quest. However, their advantages are only good on paper. In reallity, the race offers very little advantages throughout the game as most of its racial benefits can be overcomed with enchanted gear, and its disadvantages may be too great in contrast.

Players are probably better off picking an Etherim if they wish to play a Rogue-type character.


"This Race has long been regarded as the best and most naturally talented thieves and assassins of all the races of Monares. They are intelligent, perceptive, have a cat-like grace and come with useful thief skills".

Racial TraitsEdit

  • -5 Strength
  • +10 Dexterity
  • +5 Intelligence
  • -5 Personality
  • +10 Mercantile
  • +10 Lockpick
  • +10 Disarm
  • +5 Accuracy
  • -30% Magic Resistance
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