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The Sunken Monastery

A quest for a book called 'The Rituals of the Ancients' in a haunted sunken monastery. Results may vary, mobile editions have slight changes to the loot, including random books.


  • Talk to the book shop keeper Senera in Vastares - City Center.
  • Ask her if you can help. She will offer you a reward of 4000 gold to retrieve a magic book for her. She will tell you to talk to the magic shop keeper Ithulde in the Village of Matras to activate a teleport at the Abandoned Pier.
  • Travel to Matras and talk to Ithulde. She will ask you why you need the teleport and you can tell her of your quest, to which, she will make a counter offer of 5000 gold to give her the book instead. You have two choises now:
    1. Accept the offer. She gives you her own Rituals of Ancients for Ithulde Quest. (Read Notes below!)
    2. Deny the offer. She asks 500 gold for teleportation. You pay, but still get her quest.
  • Travel to the Abandoned Pier teleporter, which should now be activated with green smoke. It will take you to another teleport at the Sunken Monastery.

Sunken Monastery[]

  • Go through the door to the south to Room A and take the Lost Key off a statue holding a tray.
  • Use the key to unlock any one of the three locked doors.
    • The East door has the final key you need (You can just open this door if you don't care about experience or treasure)
    • The West door has an Abandoned One and a key that will unlock the South or East door
    • The South door has a Lost Soul and a key that will unlock the West or East door
  • Once you have the key from behind the East door, go North past the teleport and unlock the door to Room B.
  • Use the switch on the East wall where you will hear the words "Have faith though the chasm".
  • Go back out the door and take the door to Room C.
  • You will find a room with multiple chasms. You will have to take a leap of faith and walk into the open air (which will support you at one specific point in the chasm)
  • Take the teleport and fight a Lost Soul. From beyond the green magic curtain, an abandoned one will attack you. Defeat it.
  • Use the switch in the cell.
  • Do this another 3 times until you get to a switch on the back wall. Use it and you will be told a magical barrier has disappeared.
  • Leave the room and go into Room D. Use the switch on the back of the wall. You will be told a magical barrier has disappeared.
  • Leave the room and go to Room E.
  • Defeat the boss The Unnamed.
  • Use the switch on the North wall to disable the spear trap to the East.
  • Use the switch on the East wall to disable the force field on the west wall. (Is there a hidden room here? After killing everyone, there is still an area on the west wall where there appears to be a hidden enemy - slow steps and can't repair or recharge wands)
  • Take the book of Rituals of the Ancients.
  • Return it to Senera (or Ithulde if you will).

Hidden Switch[]

There is also a hidden switch in Room C that disables the force fields in Room D protecting a whole bunch of items. To find this hidden area and acquire the loot:

  • Turn to the left (North) as you enter Room C and walk to the end.
  • Turn left to face the wall (West) and you will see a hidden switch (a grey brick protruding from the green wall).
  • Tap it and the wall will disappear to reaveal a short corridor with a pressure switch at the end.
  • Step on the switch and you will see the words; "You hear strange noises - wall of forces are disappearing!".
  • Return to Room D and collect the items that were previously protected!



  • If you give the book to Senera, you will gain 4000 gold, quest for Senera will be completed, you gain fame.
  • If you give the book to Ithulde, you will gain 5000 gold, quest for Senera will be failed, you lose fame.
  • As you have chance to get pernament potion you should enter earlier, even if you could wait, the potion will be replenished