Hildemar the Governor's daughter wants you to sell a stolen necklace for her and is willing to split the proceeds

Getting StartedEdit

Returning the NecklaceEdit

  • This is the tricky part of the quest. In order to solve this quest you must have a Mercantile skill of 50 or more (either base level or when wearing enchanted items) and an Outfit score of 45 or more.
  • Provided you have the above skill stats, go to Elena the Jeweler in Eldfell - City Center and mention "a special item". She will give you 1000 gold for the necklace. If you don't have the minimum stats, she will recognise the necklace and you will have committed a crime and fail the quest. She may even have you thrown in jail.


  • After selling the necklace, return to Hildemar and split the money with her. If you lie, you won't receive the reward and the quest remains permanently active in your questlist.
  • Hildemar will reward you with a Great Warbow, your share of the cash (500 gold) and you'll get a fame decrease for a slightly evil act.
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