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Borgh has busted his armor in fierce combat. Can you help this noble knight in need?
Find Borgh

Dark Pine Forest


  • Talk to Borgh, who is stranded in Dark Pine Forest and surrounded by the ruined pieces of his knightly gear.

Opening DialogueEdit

You -

"What are you doing here?"

Borgh -

"Well, stranger, I'm Borgh the Lonely Knight and I'm traveling to Vastares but got lost in this large dark forest and had a hard battle with orcs. My good-old armor is broken, it almost falls off me in pieces... I don't know exactly who you are, but the knight's codex always taught me to give the base respect and trust towards every stranger. So I ask you now in my deepest despair: can you help me to repair this armor? I don't dare go further with an armor like this."

You -

"What do you need exactly?"

Borgh -

"An apprentice or intermediate repair hammer or a base skillbook of repair. I can handle only these things for fixing this armor. So, what do you say to an honest knight like me? I can help you in return too, of course. I just found something special among the killed orcs' stuff, I'm sure they robbed it from somebody."

You -

"All right, I'll help you."

Borgh -

"Thank you, my friend. So what could you give me?"
You have a new quest: Repairing Borgh's armor.

You -

"I have nothing to give now. but will come back later."

Borgh -

"All right, I'll wait for you."


Repairing Borgh's armor:

Find an apprentice or intermediate repair hammer or a base skillbook of repair for Borgh the Lonely Knight to fix his armor. He waits for you in the Black Pine Forest.


  • Return to Borgh with any of the three items he requests to complete the quest.
  • The Apprentice or Intermediate repair hammers can typically found in a Blacksmith's shop.
  • The skillbook of Repair can be found in the Library in Vastares, though you may have to wait a few days to obtain one.


  • Find WaterCaverns

    Lake of Brendan

    It is recomended that you have any of the three items with you before seeking Borgh out for his quest to save travel time.
  • Completing this quest will open access to the Water Caverns dungeon under the Lake of Brendan. You need not have the map on your inventory to access the dungeon once it is opened.
  • There is an option through dialogue to take Borgh's map from him without doing the quest, but he will simply refuse to give it, and will disapear from that point onward (See the optional dialogue below).
  • Forcing Borgh to flee will cause for the Water Caverns to be forever closed.


Closing DialogueEdit

Borgh -

"Thank you, my friend! This is like good and honest knights must be. When you have some time, want to know more about us knights and get outside of Freymore, search me out somewhere in the northern region of Monares.
So here is what I found in an orc's pocket: a map. An old paper which shows some cave entrance, as far as I can see on this worn surface. I think it leads under the Lake of Brendan. Maybe there is the orc's storeroom, maybe not. I have other tasks and I don't like dark places like that, but you just have a good time and good luck with it.
Now I must repair my armor and go, continue my travel through Freymore. May the Gods will be with you!"
You have lost an item of [*].
You have received an item of Borgh's map from the Orcs.
The Repairing Borgh's armor quest has been solved.
Alternate DialogueEdit

You -

"So now I'll rob that special thing from you. Prepare to die!"

Borgh -

"What? Are you going to... No! NOO!! Please don't!
A knight shouldn't retreat but now I.m so defenseless... Farewell, angry stranger, I'm leaving and hope we'll never see each other again!"
Your fame has been decreased.
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