You receive this quest from a statue in the Eastern part of Old Shamans Forest.

They ask you to bring them a green beer, not the homemade kind, but the strong, store-bought stuff and a book of magic tricks, and he'll give you something useful.

You will receive the Relieve Boredom quest.

To get the Green Beer, go to the Village of Aeda's potion shop, which is north of the Old Shamans forest.

To get the book of magic tricks, you'll need to find and talk to a wandering magician called a Itinerant Wizard.

The Itinerant Wizard is located in the Western part of the Fortress of Glass zone.

I think you need a high persuade to get the Book of Magic Tricks from him. Not sure exactly how high, but my persuade level was 70 and he gave it to me.

You will receive the Book of Magic Tricks.

Return to the statue in the Old Shamans Forest.

The Relieve Boredom quest will be solved.

You will lose a potion of green beer and the book of Magic Tricks.

You will receive 1000 experience and a Druid Robe.

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