Reeyk's Letter and Map Quest Map

A Reeyk's Letter and Map Quest Map (click to enlarge)

A letter needs to be delivered! Are you hero enough to carry a letter?


  • Talk to Reeyk in her house in the Marsh of Reeyk (Map Marker A).
  • She will tell you that she is banished from Long Spit Village and needs a letter delivered to her sister.
    • She says her sister will reward you upon delivery



  • If you have not killed him for the Poison the Goblin Chief Quest yet, Goblin Chief Wakamee will pay you 600 gold and a decrease in fame if you give him Reeyk's Letter and Reeyk's Map.


  • Go to Home of Dreyhack and talk to Mahueeyk, the Goblin standing outside the Dreyhack the Dwarf's house (Map Marker B).
  • Talk to her "about your sister"
    • She will take Reeyk's Letter and Reeyk's Map
    • She will give you an Emerald Ring, a Ruby Ring, and increase in fame


  • Go back to Reeyk and talk to her "About your people"
  • If you have delivered the map and letter you will receive an increase in fame
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