You receive this quest from Idris, who is in

Idris asks you to recover their lost memories that were stolen.

Idris says is was probably Addanc Mischief.

Idris says to check the River of Addancs for the thief,

You'll need the Addanc Sight Ability to complete this quest.

To get the Addanc Sight Ability, refer to the Build a Bridge quest.

When that quest is complete, you will receive the Addanc Sight Ability and Mita will be visible to you.

Talk to Mita.

She will give you Idris Memories.

Return to Idris in Albions Realm.

The Recover Memories quest will be solved.

You will lose Idris' Memories.

You will receive 2000 gold and an increase in fame.

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