You receive this quest from Jobsworth Two Brows in the Pit of Bureaucracy.

I would recommend having a high persuasion for this quest. Mine was 70 and I was fine.

He says you will reduce your rank from 2 to 1 if you interrogate the prisoners in the next room.

Find out who is reanimating the corpses and kill him, and to also kill the reanimated skeletons.

You will receive the Reanimator quest.

He gives you the Clubs' Keys and Official Hat.

KIll the Tickle Toes.

Exit that room and go East and use the Clubs Keys to enter the Interrogation Room.

Talk to Calcinus and say you don't believe him.

Kill him and your rank will be increased by one.

Talk to Zalmania and Porticus and they will both knock you over and escape.

Open the east door and kill the Reanimated Skeletons.

Return to Jobsworth Two Brows.

The Reanimator quest will be solved.

You will receive an increase in fame and 500 gold.

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