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Starting Edit

While solving the Kidnapped Wife Quest you will have to speak to Oskane the Robber Leader. He will make an opposite offer: get the ransom money from Lord Bogar.

Opening Dialogue Edit

Oskane -

"What fo you want here, stranger?"

You -

"A thief called Drann sent me who looked scared..."

Oskane -

"Ah yes, the good old Drann always has some problems... Don't care about him. But you look pretty likeable for me. Can I trust you, do you want to join us at least for one mission?"

You -

"Yes, of course."

Oskane -

"All right, here is what we have: we took the wife of a local lord in Matras. The ransom is 2000 gold coins, we already let the lord know about it. Now the thinking time is over, so somebody must go there, pick up the money and deliver it to us. But the village is guarded since then so we, robbers can't do it. If you go, I'll reward you that's for sure. What do you say? The lord lives right opposite the Mayor."

You -

"I already was at the lord."

Walkthrough Edit

You will solve this quest along with the main one. Both ways described here.

Notes Edit

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