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Protection Magic is a both a skill and a school of magic that contains spells that are designed to enhance various different elements of a character's defensive stats.



If you want to create a tough character to beat, this is the school of magic you will have to develop. Spells within this school will enhance a wide range of defensive elements such as AC, Resistances, HP, etc.


Here is a list of spells within this school of magic.

Name Effect Cost  Target Game

Stone skin

Fortfies AC by (*) for (*) turns (*) sp self The Quest
Resist Magic Fortfies magic resistance by (*)% for (*) turns (*) sp self The Quest
Resist paralysis Fortifies paralysis resistance by (*)% for (*) turns (*) sp  self The Quest
Resist poison Fortifies poison resistances by (*)% for (*) turns (*) sp self The Quest
Magic Immunity Provides immunity to magic for 4 turns 80 sp self The Quest
Resist diseases Fortifies disease resistance by (*) for (*) turns (*) sp self The Quest
Resist plague Fortifies plague resistance by (*) for (*) turns (*) sp self The Quest
Resistance Fortifies resistance to everything (poison, paralysis, magic, disease) for 10 turns 100 sp self The Quest
? ? ? ?
? ? ? ?
  • (*) = Value varies depending on level of governing Attribute and/or Skill.