Arneta the Huntress asked you to help her play a practical joke on Forharn the Hunter. You are supposed to tell him that she has become a Flesh Eater so later she can surprise him. Forharn can be found in his house in Thule Spine - Northern Region, while Arneta lives in the Ice Forest - Western Peninsula.


You receive this quest during the Check on Arneta the Huntress quest.

She is located at her house in the Ice Forest - Western Peninsula.

She will ask you to prank Forharn and tell him that she is a Flesh Eater.

Go back to Forharn in Thule Spine - Northern Region

Tell Forharn that you found her house in ruins and that you were attacked by a flesh eater that looked like her and had to flee.

The Check on Arenta the Huntress quest will fail.

Go back and talk to Arneta in the Ice Forest - Western Peninsula and tell her that Forharn thinks she's a Flesh Eater now.

The Prank Horharn the Hunter Quest will be solved.

You will receive 250 gold and a simple key.

The simple key unlocks the middle house in the Slums of Thule.

You will receive 500 gold and an Enchantable Ring, Dark Leather Armor, and a Superior Repair Hammer.

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