Port of Mithria

A map of Port of Mithria

Port of Mithria is in the north-eastern part of Freymore. This is the third and last port players will encounter during their journey. As with all ports, once this port is reached, you can travel back to it from the other ports in Freymore. In addition, if you have any expansions activated (other than Cursed Chess Set or Celtic Rift), then you can access them from this port.

Forest of Freymore - East Part
West Wounded Land Port of Mithria Mithria - City Center East


  • There is an inn here.
  • Captain Hanty will take you to the Port of Matras and the Port of Vastares for a fee. He will also take you to distant lands from certain expansions. If you are doing the Treasure Island quest, then he will take you to the Island of Ghula.



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