Poison the Goblin Chief Quest Map

A Poison the Goblin Chief Quest Map (click to enlarge)

Reeyk is holding a grudge against Wakamee the Goblin Chief.. do you dare make him drink her poison?


  • Talk to Reeyk the goblin woman in her house in the Marsh of Reeyk (Map Marker A)
    • Ask her "About that potion" and she will ask you to get Wakamee, the crazed Chief Goblin of Long Spit Village to drink a potion of poison.
    • She will tell you he patrols the Long Spit Village - East
    • She will want his Goblin Horn as proof of his death.
    • If you accept you will receive Reeyk's Poison


  • Talk to Wakamee near the bookstands in Long Spit Village - East (Map Marker B)
  • Talk to him "About your virility", then ask to "sound your horn"
    • Wakamee will give you the horn, drink Reeyk's Poison and then die


  • As soon as Wakamee is dead, a witch will appear and whether the Witch Queen is alive or not, you will be drained of 800xp (which can be restored) for "killing her beloved".


  • Go back to Reeyk and talk to her "About that potion". She will take the Goblin Horn and give you 250 gold.
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