Also known as hell, the other dimension is an indoor zone divided into small closed zones. These zones can only be accessed through portals (usually pentagrams) from different zones. Despite the fact that portals are scattered all throughout Freymore, it seems that the Other Dimension is all one connected map that isn't separated far apart.

Dungeon of Blood Edit

Dimension 1
  • Access from: Dungeon of Blood
  • Pentagram: behind The Shaman
  • Dimension: Nothing interesting here in fact. Few pillars, a lot of red colors, spooky atmosphere.

Abandoned Mine Edit

Dimension 2

Cave of the Holy Man Edit

Dimension 3
  • Access from: Cave of the Holy Man
  • Pentagram: southern wing of the cave.
  • Dimension: Evil Eye lives here. You'll need it for the Holy Man's quest.

The Gateway Edit

  • Access from: The Gateway
  • Pentagram: In the shrine
  • Dimension: Largest room in the Other Dimension, leads to the Pit of Hell with the Undead King, and the Dragon's Domain.
  • Multiple Hell skeletons to the West, Dragon Key and Hell Ghouls on the East, Dragons to the north, and Pit of Hell to the south.
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