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Little Marisola wants to go fishing, but she can't until you make an Orc go away from her fishing spot.


Opening Dialogue[]

  • Note - See the closing dialogue in Marisola's Hand Mirror quest for the opening dialogue for this quest.


Orc at the bridge:

"Remove the Orc from the bridge at the Pagoda so little Marisola can go fishing. Tell her mother, Nadia, wife of Thurm, in the Peninsula that the Orc is gone".


***The rest of this article contains spoilers***

Do not continue reading if you wish to complete this quest without aid.


The Orc:[]
  • Find Osman, the peaceful Orc at the pagoda in the zone The Pagoda, and talk to him to find out what it would take for him to leave the bridge:
You -
"Who are you?"
Osman -
"Osman the Orc, big fart!"
You -
"Move out of my way!"
Osman -
"Can't! This is my bridge!"
You -
"I'll knock your block off!"
Osman -
"Osman won't fight you! But neither will Osman leave!"
You -
"Holy shit! And what will it take for you to leave this area? There's good fishing here but you're scaring people away!"
Osman -
"500 gold and Osman moves away!"

  • You are now given a choice while still in this dialogue to give a different answer for two separate methods of completing this quest.
  • The first method is to accept his price and cough up the gold, which will make the Orc simply go away.
  • The second method of completion is to locate the idol he dropped in the river of his Orc god.

First Method:[]
  • Continued dialogue:
You -
"Here, move your Orc ass!"
Osman -
"Thank you, stupid human! Osman is now rich and you're poor! Osman keeps his bargain though even to a poor shit human!"
You have lost 500g.
The Orc at the bridge quest has been solved.

Second Method:[]
  • Continued dialogue:
You -
"500 gold?? No way! Is there anything else that would make you leave this place at last?!"
Osman -
"Well, Osman lost his idol to his god of the Orcs in the water! It's floating here somewhere but I don't know where! If you can fish up Osman's idol, Osman will leave!"
  • Turn west from the bridge, and follow the river along the north edge.
  • Tap the water immediately after crossing over to the Lake of Brendan zone to locate the idol:


[Tap the river from the north shore]
"You have found an idol!"
You have found an item of Osman's Idol." [OK]

  • Return to the Orc to complete the quest:
You -
"Here's your idol!"
Osman -
"You're not as stupid and worthless as Osman thought! Thank you. Now, I'll go!"
You have lost an item of Osman's Idol.
The Orc at the bridge quest has been solved.


  • This quest has two methods of completion, and both are easy and simple to accomplish with little effort on your part.
  • The only disadvantage to completing the quest via the first method is in loss of a miniscule amount of gold.
  • (Optional) You may visit Nadia at The Peninsula to collect an optional reward for helping her and her daughter out.


  • Osman clears the bridge at the Pagoda.
Optional Reward[]

Closing Dialogue[]

  • See the two methods of completion above.

Optional Dialogue

You -

"Marisola told me you were too frightened to take her fishing from the bridge at the Pagoda because of an Orc. Well, the Orc's no longer there!"

Nadia -

"Oh, my daughter's happiness means a great deal to me, warrior! My thanks. Here, take this ring in return. This was my grandfather's old but mighty ring. I hope it will help you!"
You have received an item of Nadia's ring.