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The nobleman Orhandente Ferney has problems. He's broke and his girlfriend doesn't want to talk to him, his uncle has been murdered and he can't find his inheritance.


  • Go to the Castle of Vastares in Vastares and talk to the nobleman.
  • He will give you a letter to give to his girlfriend and ask you to find his uncle's murderer and recover his inheritance.


  • Visit his girlfriend in Vastares - Port Quarter (Map marker A). Talk to her and deliver the letter, to which she will reject the Nobleman as too poor.
  • Return to the Nobleman and deliver the bad news.

Murder and Treasure

  • Walk to the opposite side of the square and talk to Tyssandenea Ferney (Map marker B).
    • She will tell you to question the Jeweler in Vastares about the murder (Map marker C).
    • She will also tell you the find a stone mason in the Port Quarter's Inn to find the chest of gold.
    • [Optional] Tell her "I know about the chest. It contains the will." when given the option and she will ask you to bring her the chest first so she can remove the will.


  • Talk to Elitia the Jeweler in Vastares "About the murder" (Map marker C).


  • Talk to Herhahn the Innkeeper in the Port Quarter's Inn (Map marker D) "About the Nogurs". He will tell you that the Nogur in question is a "nightwalker".
  • Wait/Sleep until it is night-time and go 2 houses to the South of the Inn and enter the door (Map marker E), where you will meet a Nogur. He will incriminate Elitia the Jeweler in Vastares
    • You have the option to turn him in. Not advisable as this will cause a diplomatic incident which leads to failing the quest, and not getting the rewards!
  • Talk to the Jeweler (day or night) "About the Nogur". She will confess (you need a base Persuade skill at 26) and tell you where the treasure is.
    • You have the option to turn her in or take half the gold in the chest. (If you turn her in, you can no longer get the chest)
    • She will tell you that the Chest is hidden in a hollow tree stump in the Barren Forest (Map marker F)
  • Go to Barren Forest and click on the tree stump to find the golden chest.


  • You can take the chest to the lock store just a little past the jeweler's and have the thief unlock the chest. The thief will ask to keep half the money and the will, and you have the option of asking for a forged will in your name. However, the forged will is worthless, because showing it to the nobleman will only get you thrown into prison and lose fame. Either way, you will fail the nobleman's quest.
  • If you talk to the Jeweller first you can:
    • accept her offer, and split the gold (2500 gold, Jewelled Amulet and a Golden Ring and the Will. This will also close Tyssandenea Ferney's interest in the chest.
    • turn her in to the guards, which will close the jewelry store forever.
  • If you talk to Tyssandenea Ferney first, your fame will increase and:
    • If you tell her "It contains the will", she will take the Will and give you the 5000 gold in the chest, and your fame will increase again.
    • If you tell her "I'll bring it back to the nobleman", nothing more will happen with Tyssandenea.


  • If you don't want to have to brawl your way through all the Dwarves and Shamans to get to the chest:
    1. Get either wands or spellbooks of BOTH Mark and Recall.
    2. Stock up on any potions you may need
    3. Mark in a safe area (I.E. The graveyard or CIty Center of Vastares)
    4. Head directly south of the Tree farthest from the entrance on the south side of the graveyard.
    5. DO NOT engage in combat with any Dwarves or Shamans you find, as it gives them a chance to block you off of the stump. Simply drink potions if you run low on health and get to the tree stump.
    6. Pick up the chest.
    7. Before you get killed by anything, recall to the safe position you marked.
    8. Do what you will with the chest
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