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Seems like Marisola's family is caught in all sorts of troubles and her granfather, Nadia's father, has gone missing! Can you find him?


Opening DialogueEdit

You -

"Everything is in order, dear?".

Nadia -

"Thurm, my husband is inside, I'm so worried about him. He almost broke his leg during one of his stupid hunts. He needs some healing liniment, yes, but I can't go for it now. I would have to go to my father in his nearby hut, he knows the old lore of herbal medicines. But I must be with my husband now, and it's dangerous out there nowadays. I saw some strange creatures last time roaming around the cemetery...
Could you kindly and bravely go to my father's hut on the ploughland and bring the potion for us? It would be so wonderful..."

You -

"Yes, of course, just wait here".

Nadia -

"Thank you very much, brave adventurer! You are our hero! We'll wait for you!".
You have a new quest: Nadia's potion.


Nadia's Potion:

"Visit Nadia's father at his house in Matras's ploughland and bring some curing potion for Nadia's husband in the Peninsula".


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Walkthrough Edit

1. Thurm's Quest:Edit
2. Finding Dad:Edit
  • Nadia's Potion Quest

    Waypoints for Nadia's Potion Quest

    Go to Nadia's father's house. His house will be abandoned.
"The house is empty and ravaged". [OK]
  • Knock on the door of the adjacent house to the north. A woman there, Reyna the washer woman, will tell you he has been abducted by Amazonians:
You -
"Where is the farmer? Nadia sent me".
Reyna -
"Oh, stranger, our good-old farmer disapeared days ago... I saw female archers, maybe Amazons around the garden when I came home one day and his house was ravaged like a storm had blown through it. When I tried to clean up around the house, I found a few arrows on the ground too - which were poisoned! My fingers still have pain from touching them. I think they kidnapped or maybe killed our honest farmer, but I can't even imagine why! Since that day I am careful not to leave my house for too long. You should watch your step too".
You -
"Do you know something special about the farmer?".
Reyna -
"No, nothing... Just that he is very talented in some garden plants and animals, knows everything about them, and made some experiments with producing a new type of plant. He even writes books about concocting cures and about rare animals Maybe that's a connection between him and the archers? But why? I don't know".
3. Extermination:Edit
Queen -
"Greetings, brave hero. Be welcomed to my empire. What would such an adventurer as you want here?".
You -
"I come to clean this cave from all poaching amazons like you".
Queen -
"Oh dear, not so fast... Just think about the situation we have here. You and me - male and female, hero and heroine together, far from all the world's noise. Don't you think we could do more enjoyable things than guarding some animals? Just look at me. Admire this strong, lithe, sleek body. It's yours. We could spend a whole night together if you want. Battle hardened as I am, my skin would feel like velvet, hot velvet as I sat next to you, telling you tales of my ancestors. And you might tell me a bit of your interesting past. Also a warrior such as yourself must lust to see and feel my armor collection. The workmanship will dazzle you.
Let's forget about those animals and give each other what we have. It's been such a long time since I saw a brave, muscular male like you. I'll let you be my king for this night and you'll never come back and ask about him again."
  • (Female characte version at the Notes)
  • There is no disadvantage from sleeping with the Amazon Queen and leaving with a bonus, so select that option:
You -
"All right. I'm in, dear. Let's have an unforgettable night."
You spend an exceptional night with the Queen, who keeps her promise and shows you the real art of love. Also she shows you armor that is an enchantment to behold, with golden breastplates and jeweled belts. She tells you how the Archers first came to Freymore. They had been captured and taken by boat to be sold as slaves in Phryn's slave market. But they managed to overcome the boatmen and take command of the ship. But since none of them knew how to handle a boat, they were forced to let the sea guide their destination. They landed here and took over this cave.
You fall asleep as the Queen whispers in your ear the names of all the old queens softly, all the while soothing you like a child in her regal arms.
Your Accuracy skill has been increased by 5.
Your full health has been restored.
Your full mana has been restored.
You have received 50g.
"After a refreshing sleep, you find yourself outside the cave with the Queen's last words a harsh contrast to her goodwill throughout the night: This time you were welcomed, but now, forget this cave. If you ever dare to come back, you'll find us not so gentle. Human sinews make good bowstrings". [OK]
  • AmazonCaveMap

    Amazon Cave

    Return to the cave and slay all Archer Guards as well as the Amazon Queen who are now hostile to retrieve the Store room key.
  • Open the Store Room to loot various items as well as a Key from a statue.
  • Go across the room to open the cell that holds Nadia's father, the Old farmer, and speak to him:
You -
"Greetings! Your daughter sent me to bring you home".
Old farmer -
"At last! Thank you for liberating me. My daughter always took good care of me. I'll go home immediately".
You -
"Why did they capture you?".
Old farmer -
"It's all about my books. Their shaman who always made the poisons for their arrows died a few days ago. They took me in the hope that I'd teach them the recipe for a deadly snake venom extract that would make their arrows a thousand times more deadly. I had written a book on the subject, which is why they ransacked my hut. But this book was carefully hidden in a hole outside my hut.
I'll give you a copy if you'd like to have one if you visit me in my house in a few days. But now, I must go to my daughter. See you soon!
Your fame has been increased.
The Nadia's potion quest has been solved.
  • The Old farmer disapears from his cell.
3. Completing:Edit
  • Return to Nadia to receive additional rewards:

  • Go into the hut to speak to Thurm about his own task.


"Oh dear, not so fast... I don't know your exact interest but just look around here... Strong, experienced, independent and beautiful women everywhere. Don't you want to join us, at least for this night? I'm sure I can show you something you never felt before. Sensous, exceptional love - things only a real woman knows and can give.

We have so much we could share. Also a warrior such as yourself must lust to see and feel my armor collection. The workmanship will dazzle you. I have such items you have not seen anywhere in this world. What do you say, darling? Let's forget about that farmer. I'll let you be my queen for this night and you'll never come back and ask about him again."


  • Fame Increase
  • Black beer (x2)
  • Mush rum
  • Bread (x2)
  • Cheese (x2)
  • Meat (x2)

Closing DialogueEdit

Nadia -
"Oh, thank you, brave hero, thank you so much! You don't have to say anything, my father was here a while ago and told me how bravely you liberated him. He also gave me the potion I needed for my husband, so he'll be fine soon too.
Accept this moderate reward please, I give it from my full heart!".
Your fame has been increased.
You have received 2 potions of Black beer.
You have received a potion of Mush rum.
You have received 2 items of Bread.
You have received 2 items of Cheese.
You have received 2 items of Meat.
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