Monares is the setting of The Quest, and The Legacy by Redshift. It enccompasses a large world mass composed of numerous continents and islands, and is governed and ruled by King Mersant.

Easilly the most notable parts of Monares are Freymore, the large island the events on the main game unfold, and the sister islands of Eldfell and Thule, where The Quest's official expansion, Islands of Ice and Fire takes place. Also notable are the regions of Lukomorye, the grand setting of a series of unofficial expansions to The Quest known as the Hero of Lukomorye saga, and Beraquel (The capital of King Mersants kingdom). Most of The Quest takes place in Monares, with the exception of 'Escape From Asteroids', an unnoficial expansion to The Quest by Zarista Games.

A list of regions of MonaresEdit

This is a list of regions of Monares, and the expansions that contain them.

Freymore - The Quest by Redshift

Eldfell and Thule - The Quest: Islands of Ice and Fire

Lukomoyre - Hero of Lukomorye

Locations in Monares that aren't present in The Quest by Redshift but are present in The Legacy by Redshift include:

Beraquel - The Legacy by Redshift

(Note that these lists are incomplete and are subject to change should The Quest by Redshift have more expansions that encompass a new landmass be released).

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