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Ommar the Blacksmith in Mithra has asked you get him Mithril to make you the "ultimate armor".


  • Talk to Ommar in the blacksmith store of City of Mithria about "Something better". He asks you to go to a mine under Silver Peak and bring him some Mithril. He will then produce a unique armor for you for 10k gold.

Silver Peak[]

  • Go to the zone Silver Peak and enter Silver Peak Caves via the South entrance.
  • Talk to the Mistress Employee who is supervising construction of a Temple and enrage her through conversation by saying
    • "I want to be part of this.", (Decrease in fame)
    • "But I need to know what's going on here.", then she and the Orc Workers will attack you.

Blue Gold[]

  • Once everyone is dead, you will be able to access the Temple of the New Era and go down a ladder to the Mithril Mine
  • Talk to the calm Orc, Dughu the Leader, and say "I will kick you out of here first, you nasty creature!"
  • He and 5 other orcs will attack you.
  • Once they are dead.. explore the tunnels until you find a pile of "blue gold" on the ground. This is your mithril!

"Ultimate" armor[]

  • Go back to Ommar in Mithria - City Center and talk to him once more about "Something better". He will take your mithril and 10k gold and ask you if you want Heavy or Light armor.
  • Depending on your choice he will make you either Mithril Plate Mail or Mithril Armor