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The Mithria Dash is the process of gaining the distinct advantage of advanced armor and weapons, that normally wouldn't be available until much later in the game.


  • Save your game in Village of Matras outside the magic shop, and load and save your game until the store has both the "Mark" and "Recall" spellbooks. Make sure to save your game before you open the shop. You'll find life a lot easier.
  • Mark your spot in Village of Matras.
  • Hug the East coast heading down to Vastares - City Center, you most likely will have to kill a few Bandits along the way.
  • Backtrack and rest whenever you need more mana.
  • When you get to Vastares - City Center, save outside the magic shop, then enter and restore until she is selling a scroll/spellbook of Town Portal
  • Head towards the East from Vastares, hugging the North coast towards the Toll Bridge at the edge of Field of the Big Wall. You will most likely have to kill an Archer on the way.
  • Pay the toll of 100 gold to get through the gate and Mark your position and SAVE

The Tricky Part[]

  • Your goal is to get to the zone Ancestors' Bay - East Shore
  • The Barbarians on this side can kill you with one hit, so beware!
  • There have been reports of success of hugging the South Coast to get past the enemies
  • One strategy is to Mark your place just after the Toll Bridge and getting the attention of the Barbarians and Archers in your way, and making them follow you South, then Recalling back to the gate once they are out of the way.
  • You may want a scroll of magic immunity before you set out, because you will almost immediately encounter a witch and a winged eye. Fireballs can almost 1-hit kill!!!!
  • Get onto any spot in Ancestors' Bay - East Shore and cast Town Portal
  • Welcome to City of Mithria!!!

Expansion Pack Exploits[]

If you feel like taking this advantage even further, and if you have expansion packs, you can go to other islands and buy/find their advanced technology.

The Lost Archipelagos expansion[]

You can sail from Mithria to The Lost Archipelagos expansion (free on iOS App Store) and pick up the Grandfathers Sword: Damage - 265-362. You'll find it laying on the ground along with other strong items, as soon as you arrive. But remember you MUST have made a 'Mark' in Mithria first so you can 'Recall' back because you cannot sail back to Mithria, and this expansion requires an 'advanced' level to progress.