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The air stinks in the Village of Matras, and everyone is getting sick. Time for our budding hero to get to the bottom of the problem.


  • Talk to the Mayor of Matras who lives two doors down, directly west of the Inn. He will commission you to fix the problem.

Opening DialogueEdit

You -

"A few words about the sickness, please."

Mayor -

"I have a lung sickness due to the bad air in the village. Several of the villagers have also been affected. I have a quest for you - examine the nearby cemetery. Word is, it has lethal gases emanating from it. Everyone is afraid to go there because there are stories of ghosts and ghouls roaming at night and even sometimes in the daytime. Talk to the innkeeper, he knows more than I do, as usual. I'll reward you well, if you help us!"
You have a new quest: Matras infection.


Matras infection:

Save Matras from the infection that comes from the cemetery. Talk with the innkeeper and with the alchemist of the village to find out more. After finishing your quest go back to the Mayor and to the innkeeper.

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WorldMap - Matras Infection Quest

A map of all waypoints for the Matras Infection Quest


Finding the Stink:Edit
  • Gather more information from the Mayor (Map marker A).
Mayor -
"Talk to the innkeeper please - he's familiar with all the rumors in our village. You should speak with our alchemist too - he may know something about the gas and how to neutralize it, because he examined the infected ones a few days ago and then retired to his shop to work out a cure."
Jose -
"So the Mayor offered you a reward? Here is what I know, daring adventurer. Last week, my aunt died and we took her corpse to the cemetery. But when we tried to open the old family plot to lay her to rest next to her husband, we struck accidentally on the entrance to an old cave. Phew, the stench! The gravediggers nearly fainted from it and since then, our air smells like rotten eggs or worse. That spot may be an old sacred burial ground of the ancients, who knows, but it's a foul spot and must be cleansed. Yet nobody dares to enter the hole. It gets worse, now evil creatures are reported roaming the graveyard, even in the day time. The Mayor thinks the sick villagers are just imagining things, but don't trust his words - he can't even step out from his own house, so his words are empty."
You -
"And where's that hole exactly?"
Jose -
"It's in the cemetery - what a surprise. Please find the source of the gas and close up that place so I can bury my aunt. Soon the smell of her corpse will be as bad as the air we breathe. I have just put a ladder there - so that you, daring adventurer, may climb down. Thai is, if you're brave enough! Also you should speak with our alchemist too - I'm sure he knows something about the gas, because he examined the infected ones a few days ago and then retired to his shop to work out a cure."
  • Jose confirms The Mayor's suspisions about the Cemetery of Matras, and graciously opens the Ruined Crypt dungeon for you to investigate further.
  • (Optional) Talk to Drynn the alchemist and he will tell you the stink should be destroyed with magical fire, though this is not entirely true.
You -
"What do you know about the sickness?"
Drynn -
"It's my belief that the gas that poisons our air comes from the cemetery, maybe an old crypt that is haunted by demons. I have examined some of the villagers and can say, through my experience, that the source of the gas may be highly sensitive to magical fire attack. If you're skilled in such things perhaps you can help us."
Cleaning Up the Air:Edit
  • Find the hole in the western end of the Cemetery of Matras and go down the ladder into the crypt (Map marker C).
  • Once underground, head North until you find a part of the ground covered with brown bubbles. Make sure you are one step back from the bubbles and cast Burning Hand at them or attack them with a weapon.
  • The tunnel should collapse. You have solved the problem! Return to the Mayor to report on your success, but he will not believe you right away.
Mayor -
"So you have discovered and removed the source of the noxious air? Maybe - I don't believe in words when I can't even step out from my own house. Come back tomorrow, I will reward you when I really can breathe freely again."
  • Return to the Mayor in 24 hours to collect on his reward. You may speak to Jose during this waiting period to collect the optional reward from him.
  • While you are down in the crypt you should also get the Skull of Saint Seyna, found on a shelf
  • Open the secret door to the smuggler's secret warehouse, but be careful... Unless you Mark in the storeroom, you may find the secret passageway bricked up next time you come back!


  • The crypt will not be open for access until this quest is initiated.
  • There is a smuggling side-quest which may be completed simultaneously to the Matras infection quest, but may be done at a later time. Completing this optional side-quest will close access to the secret storeroom.


  • Fame Increase
  • Gold: 500
Optional Reward:Edit
  • Gold: 250
  • Item: Black Beer (x3)

Closing DialogueEdit

Mayor -

"I feel cured - now I believe you! I have heard the same from the people in the village. Thank you for saving us from this disagreeable situation! Please accept my reward, brave adventurer.'"
The Matras infection quest has been solved.
Your fame has been increased.
You have received 500g.
Optional Dialogue:Edit

Jose -

"The gases are gone? It was you? Finally I can bury my aunt and we can close the crypt forever. Please accept this as my personal reward, in memory of my dear auntie."
You have received 250g.
You have received 3 potions of Black beer.
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