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Matras (not to be confused with matress) is a village located in the northwest part of the island. This region is the first populated area that the character encounters, and is the only region available to The Quest Lite version of the game. The mayor lives in the northwestern area of the city and the prison is located on the western side. Bryl, the first person the character talks to, also has a home in the western portion of Matras. A kingdom agent lives at the western end of the mayor's street and the tavern is at the northern border of the town. There is also a town square which consists of a water fountain, magic shop, blacksmith, tailor, and an alchemist's shop.



Matras Region

The region of Matras is composed of the following zones (using the Town Portal spell in any of these zones will teleport you to Village of Matras, zone #5):
  1. The Peninsula
  2. Wolfcreek (Settlement located here)
  3. Abandoned Pier
  4. Cemetery of Matras (City Zone)
  5. Village of Matras (City Zone)
  6. Port of Matras (City Zone)
  7. Plough-lands of Matras (City Zone)
  8. Garden of Matras (City Zone)
  9. Forest of the Seiry
  10. Abandoned Swamp (Settlement located here)
  11. Passageway
  12. Robber Forest (Settlement located here)
  13. River of Brendan
  14. Bushland
  15. Forest of Blood
  16. Land of Dripstones
  17. Lake of Brendan
  18. The Pagoda
  19. Way of Wanderers
  20. Field of Blood


  1. Prison of Matras (City Zone)
  2. Cavity of Wolfcreek
  3. Ruined Crypt (City Zone)
  4. Amazon Cave
  5. Water Caverns
  6. Dungeon of Blood
  7. Sunken Monastery
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