Spell DetailsEdit

  • Name: Mark
  • Cost: 20 sp
  • Effect: This spell memorizes a position (Self).
- Marks location.

Book DescriptionEdit

"It was a thief who first used this spell so that he could mark the position where he'd hidden gold and always go back to retrieve his treasure. He has made it freely available for everyone to use, but of course, it's very expensive. The number of positions you can mark depends on your skill level. This charm must be used with the spell Recall".


  • Unlike the description of the spell suggests, Skill level has nothing to do with total number of positions. Players must increase their Intelligence in order to have more positions available to mark. Every 5 Intelligence gets one more position.
  • Sources that fortify Intelligence temporarily, such as potions, are more useful for this purpose than spending points on the attribute should the player not have any available points or otherwise wish to spend them on another attribute.
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