Marisola NPC

Marisola is looking for her mirror

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  • Talk to Marisola who is located in the Cavity of Wolfcreek. She will tell you she has lost a silver hand mirror, and requests your help to find it.

Opening DialogueEdit

Marisola -

"It's great to see you, (".

You -

"Who are you?".

Marisola -

"Marisola's my name. I'm Thurm's daughter. My dad is the forest ranger. He's the greatest forest ranger this world ever had! We live in a hut not far from here".

You -

"But what are you doing here? Aren't you afraid!".

Marisola -

"There was a big storm! I ran into the hollow tree to keep from getting soaked. I was combin the rain out of my hair when I dropped my hand mirror! It fell down here. I'm looking for it... I have to find it or my dad might beat me! He said he got it from a real princess. It's silver and it's beautiful. Will you help me look? Watch out for the bats though... They can bite! Maybe they got my sweet little mirror. Please help me so I can go home!".

You -

"I'll try, girlie".

Marisola -

"You are such a big wonderful hero! Thanks!
Please hurry! I really want to go home!".
You have a new quest: Find Marisola's Hand Mirror.


Find Marisola's Hand Mirror:

Find the little girl, Marisola's hand mirror in the Cavity of Wolfcreek. She is waiting for your return in the same cave, under Wolfcreek, north of the village of Matras.

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  • Marisolas Hand Mirror Quest Map

    Location of Marisola's Hand Mirror

    Fight through bats, and use your weapon to chop the cobwebs away from blocked passageways until you find the puddle marked on the map.
  • Make sure you are standing one square back form the puddle and tap the puddle. You will find the mirror.
[Tap on the pool of water]
"You have found a beautiful mirror!
You have found an item of Marisola's Hand Mirror". [OK]
  • Return the mirror to Marisola.


  • Completing this quest will begin the Orc at the Bridge quest.
  • You will get one of two different items as a reward depending on your alignment at the time you complete the quest.


Closing DialogueEdit

You -

"About your mirror".

Marisola -

"Oh, sir! Doesn't it look like a mirror that belongs to a true princess? That's me! Receive your royal kiss! And your royal hug! You are so wonderful! I'll never forget you. My dad would have been so mad! Thanks! Here is all I have to give you. Water, some apples, and one of my little necklaces. I'll never forget how great you are!
Oh, one more thing... My mom and dad used to take me to the Pagoda for fishing, but they won't go now. Rumor has it an Orc is terrorizing the bridge and won't leave. My mom's afraid he'll eat me. If you go by that area, will you get rid of the Orc, please?
The Pagoda is quite a way south from here, through the Brushland, near the Lake of Brendan. I love it so much! I used to catch so many fish! Please try to kill the Orc and then come back and tell my mom! I haveta run now!
You have lost an item of Marisola's Hand Mirror.
The Find Marisola's Hand Mirror quest has been solved.
You have a new quest: Orc at the bridge.
You have received an item of Water.
You have received 2 items of Apple.
You have received an item of Child's Necklace (or Marisola's Amulet)
Your fame has been increased.
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