The Witch Queen is a menace and her reign has to end!


  • Go to Long Spit Village - East and talk to Waheetu, the Goblin Elder, "About the witches around here". He will ask you to kill the Witch Queen and will give you a magical hammer (Hammer of Witches) which is the ONLY way to kill her. This hammer is enchantable and cannot be sold later.
  • It is important that you talk to noone else until you complete this quest as the hammer may be stolen from you forever.

The QueenEdit


  • Once the Witch Queen is dead, go back to Waheetu, the Goblin Elder, and talk to him "About the witches around here".
    • He will reward you with 800 gold.


  • Once you get the witch hammer, you should NOT kill Wakamee in Poison the Goblin Chief Quest, otherwise you will forever lose the witch hammer and not be able to finish the quest.

Trivia Edit

  • There was a former glitch in which one could obtain unlimited money after completing this quest. A player could exploit this glitch through the following steps. This glitch seems to have been patched.
    • Receive the 800 gold from the quest completion then talk to Mareeyt for your free 5 beers then return to Waheetu and click the witches option again and you will receive the 800 gold again. You can repeat this trick as many times as you want.
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