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  • Talk to Lord Bogar in the Village of Matras to initiate the quest. He will tell you that some robbers kidnapped his wife and want money. He asks You to find her and offers you half of the ransome - 1000 gold.


1. Finding wife:[]

  • From the Village of Matras head south-east to the Robber Forest. There's a Robber Settlement, 3 houses, wife is in the one to the East. But she refuses to go with you willingly.
  • The only way to get this woman is to speak to Oskane the Robber Leader, he's in the central (North) house. But he refuses even to talk.
  • Walk down the road from leader's house to the next location, Forest of Blood. Road ends with a pile of skulls and a pit - entrance to the Dungeon of Blood. There's a man standing near the entrance, Drann the Bandit. Speak to him and accept the offer: he will give you the key to the armory in the Dungeon of Blood and tell you to talk to the Robber Leader.
  • Return to Oskane, tell him that "Drann sent me". Leader will offer you to join robbers for this mission. Only way is to accept this offer, saying "Yes, of course". Finish dialogue with "I already was at the lord.".

After that you get new quest: Ransom Money Quest.

Now you have few ways to solve both these quests.

2. Ransom:[]

1st way. Cooperate with robbers, get ransom, betray the Lord.

  • Head back to the Lord Bogar, choose "About your wife", tell "I was there. The leader sent me for the ransom.". Then tell "Nope, I want the money, right now.".

It ends with:

- You have received 2000 gold.

- The Kidnapped Wife quest has failed.

- Your fame has decreased.

- You have committed a crime.

  • Talk with Oskane, choose "I got the money".

It ends with:

- The Ransom money quest has been solved.

- You have lost 1000 gold.

- You have received an item of Robber Leader's bow.

2nd way: Stay with the Lord, steal his wife, betray robbers.

  • Head back to the Lord Bogar, choose "About your wife", tell "I was there. The leader sent me for the ransom.". Then tell "Yes, we have a deal. But your wife doesn't want to come back.". He gives you a potion of Mush rum and asks to get her drunk.
  • Now you have to finish the Ransom money quest, go to Oskane. Choose "About the ransom", tell "The lord wants me to bring his wife back", then "I promised something for the lord. I want his wife.".

It ends with:

- The Ransom money quest has failed.

Oskane is angry, he wants to kill you. Dialogue ends and you have to fight 2 Outlaws and 1 Highwayman.

  • After fight talk to lord's wife. Choose "I came for you", then "Don't you wanna drink with me, dear?". She's drunk and happy now, ready for everything.
  • Return to Lord Bogar with his wife, choose "About your wife".

It ends with:

- You have received 1000 gold.

- Your fame has increased.

- The Kidnapped Wife quest has been solved.


  • During the '2nd way' you can tell Oskane that Lord Bogar asked you to steal his wife back. Leader makes an attempt to convince you, reminding about some *special item*. You can agree or disagree, the end is the same as described: one quest failed, one completed.