The Island of Ghula, known as the unmapped area on the map, is an invisible island east of Matras. It can only be accessed during the Treasure Island Quest, and cannot be accessed after the quest is complete.

The IslandEdit

The Island of Ghula is relatively large, taking up four map spaces. The atmosphere of the island is somewhat different than Freymore, with dark clouds overhead, blood red ground, and discolored water. In the northwest part of the island there is a metal button that turns off a spike trap nearby. The center of the island contains a mountain with a cave. The southeast part of the island is forested. In the middle of the forest are bodies on stakes, a bookstand, and the Pyramid of Ghula.

The Home of the KeeperEdit

The cave in the mountain contains a cyclops known as Skull Keeper, who drops a Red Skull, an item needed for the Treasure Island quest. There are two spheres. The blue one is for restoring mana and the red one is for healing HP. There is an item shelf blocked by a web in this cave as well.

The Pyramid of GhulaEdit

The pyramid in the southeast part of Ghula opens up into a crypt. There are a lot of levers and switches to operate to get through the pyramid with a teleporter maze to navigate as well. Various types of Wells are abundant in the crypt. There are several levels in this dungeon and the player often has to backtrack to previous levels to continue in his or her quest. At the end of this dungeon the player can find a teleporter to teleport him to the Port of Matras.

Other FeaturesEdit

  • You cannot teleport while on this island.
  • Your minimap is blurred out, with the message "Denied by strong magic" appearing in its place.



Ingredients are only found on the surface of the island.

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